raycee said: don't stop making music. (if you don't mind)

Jackie Hill Perry - The Problem

My favourite spoken word artist just became my favourite rapper. 

"Look up in the sky 
I spy a time line of blind vultures 
Blind rhymes style the fabric of the timed culture 
Soaked in Satan lies find another kinda lotion 
Cloaked in a disguise signed the dotted line
It’s over 
I told Em find another ride cuz this roller-coaster’s stolen 
Going to a fate you won’t believe 
Throwing dreams in the face of zzzs
Till he woken 
Growing MC’s that sow seeds of 
Heavens Roses
Rosen Risen he did it 
Death is slaughtered 
Our daughters bartering souls for attention
Ought a be heard if only the audible row would listen 
Itching for words 
Lotta research going towards a hole
And they dig it 
Gotta be words 
Flowing for heavens sake of the mission 
Owing nobody nothing 
Them bluffing bustas are finished
This pen ain’t pensions it’s mentions 
What sinners don’t wanna deal with 
Filled with the Vision of slaves 
Lynch Em for tented pigment
See that bus 
Get in the back act like its proven
That academics do actually lack 
In the black communion 
Schools are lacking the facts
Lacking the staff
They foolish 
They plastic wrapping the masses 
The masters grabbing they nooses
Bastard habits from lacking the happy daddy influence
They ratta ta tat tat and 
They Clap at the back of children 
They action backwards 
They blacker than 
The backward 
Task of Judas
Laughter is the reaction 
When I ask
If they master Jewish 
Laughter is the reaction 
Ask if they master Jewish 
Go backwards a little faster 
Past the actions of Judas
Go forward a little more and 
Last till the masters through 
Grasping the massive truth 
That’s surpasses the attitude
That Adams passive pursuit 
When he was passed the actual fruit
It ain’t over to the fat lady sings 
Go grab a flute 
Sax playing the soundtrack of demons singing the blues
A holiday with Molly the same as cane 
With a different hue 
A dope a rope generation
An Ali kinda rebuke 
The violence is silent
The pilot 
Tried to remind you 
Only one thing is true 
Honey what you gon do 
Money is at the root
When they come looking for you?” - Jackie Hill Perry

“I like it when the wind shifts
They say it’s the movement of the Spirit
Still small voice, ya’ll hear it?
Remember that time I saw that leaf fall
I was positive it was God’s call
Wait for it, listen close
Ya’ll missed it?
I cite Gideon, Sampson, Paul
Elijah saw the clouds split
And know that God did it
And does it still
Still, his presence feels like chills
Right, and if I’m honest it doesn’t happen often
Something must be wrong
It’s boring when my life is more like the book of Ruth than Exodus
I’ve never seen the partin’
Of an ocean
Or a cloud by day or pillar by night
Just a normal everyday working of life
Where things that suck royally
Is evidence of his royalty
Scratch your temple
So deep it’s simple
Silly us, ignore the plain
We prefer a riddle
Dying to see a miracle
While holding God’s diary
Looking for signs”
Propaganda (Signs and Symbols)

Korku’s Dream

Korku once had a great dream that came with a great fear. For a while, he didn’t understand this fear, or why he had it in the first place. But all he knew was that it was there, with him, and that it was the only thing standing in the way of his dream seeing life. 

At first, he tried to ignore this fear: pretending it wasn’t there seemed like the best way to usher out the dream. But anytime the dream reached the open door to reality, the fear plunged from nowhere and slammed the door shut, seconds before the dream’s foot left the room of his mind. He tried other strategies. But the only one that worked was the first one he thought wouldn’t: embracing the fear.

Korku once heard that to truly conquer something, one must know it very well, not ignore it. No great war was ever won without the victor knowing the defeated well enough. So he learnt more about his fear: trying not to love it but to understand it, how it worked, what it ate, what it loved, hated, what made it weak. He hastily learnt enough - but not everything - about this fear, and he killed it. 

The dream finally walked into reality, and then immediately killed him. The dream, now a living huffing & puffing reality, left him damaged and dead. He was too consumed with the dream to realize that the dream would consume him, for the dream was filled with greed, selfishness and impatience: a killer dream. There are fears that paralyze the host, and those that protect. It was too late to realize that his fear was the latter the whole time.

Anonymous said: The following is not strictly a question. It's more of a shouting statement with interrogative features because I'm still trying to understand why your talent hadn't reached me yet?! You're awesome. Keep working hard at what you do and please don't stop (unless it's time to of course). Also would it be possible to have the chords for "Write for me"? I guess that counts as a question.

Thank you very much for your heart-warming message. I appreciate your support and hope I can keep putting out good music!

Here are the chords for “Write for me”:
[Verse and Hook] Dmaj, Dmaj7, Cmaj, Gmaj7
[Bridge] Gmaj7, Amaj, Bmin (3x) || Gmaj7, Amaj

Good luck!

Anonymous said: What inspired Write For Me?


When truth drums

From tongues of old books
which tell the greatest story,
he heard the real truth.

The truth found its way
into a heart wide open.
It drums a new beat.

This beat is ancient,
danced to by many before
into peace and joy.

Now his arms and feet
are now free to be enslaved;
to move when truth drums.